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  • For much of your life, you’ve been labeled by others as “too sensitive“.
  • You have trouble finding clarity and focus, and wish you could trust yourself and your intuition.
  • You’ve struggled with depression or anxiety, especially in social settings.
  • You may be hard on yourself, and stay in unhealthy relationships.
  • You know you have big gifts to bring to the world but feel stuck or stagnant.
  • You question how to fit into a world that often lacks empathy, depth, and emotional maturity.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the state of the world, even paralyzed at times.
  • You wonder… when do I get to let my gifts shine? When do I get to thrive?

Michael Schwengel
Founder, Coach & Healer

I've been there, too.
My name is Michael, a self-described highly sensitive person, and I’ve spent the better part of life facing these same challenges.  From a very early age, I experienced the world differently than many of my peers, and constantly wondered how I was supposed to fit in.
I suffered from low self-esteem, social anxiety, depression, and boatloads of self-doubt. I wondered why life seemed to be so easy for other people, and was constantly searching for someone else to define me. This led to unhealthy relationships, poor boundaries, and even self-betrayal. A lot of darkness. Overall, I just felt really lost.
Then, something happened.
In my twenties, I met a healer who changed my life. Over time, I came to finally understand that sensitivity is an amazing gift to be cherished, and protected. I learned to start listening to my intuition and to start experiencing the world in a whole new way. I became obsessed with the healing journey and spent years soaking up as much wisdom as I could from a large handful of teachers, guides, and mentors.
Nearly two decades later… after building a career as an international business ownervoice actorand now a coach and healer, I’ve found that my greatest joy comes from helping others step fully into their own power.
By distilling down my life experience, wisdom, and knowledge gained from others, I’ve created framework with tools to help sensitive and gifted folks like you to heal, transform, and thrive in your own life:

Learn to listen to the inherent wisdom in your body.  It holds a wealth of information just waiting for you to explore. Embrace your sensitivity. 

  • The Inner Orchestra
  • Unlocking the Wisdom of the Felt Sense

Participate in deep healing work through modalities like Focusing, Caritas Technique, and more. Learn to show up for yourself in a new way and experience more peace.

  • Focusing & Somatic Awareness
  • Caritas Technique

Develop healthy relationships, cultivate your gifts, harness the power of visioning, and adopt new systems so you can thrive.

  • The Weekly Scorecard
  • Visioning, Structure, & Planning

My mission is to give you all the tools, knowledge, and experiences I can to save you time and unnecessary suffering as you step fully into your dream life

Here's what you can expect:
  • Greater confidence, peace, and self-compassion.
  • Increased focus, clarity, and vision for your future.
  • More time spent in flow, cultivating creativity.
  • Healthier boundaries and supportive relationships.
  • Feel supported by a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Deeper connection to your emotions and intuition.
  • More passion to bring your unique gifts to the world.
  • Better structure, routines, and habits to create traction.
  • Greater resilience to handle life changes & challenges.
  • Magnification of abundance in all aspects of life.
Now is the time.

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Nope! While some tools and practices have a spiritual foundation, it is meant to be all-encompassing and welcoming of all spiritual paths and philosophies.


Michael Schwengel

Michael is a mindfulness coach and healer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His interest in the healing arts began in his early 20’s with an earnest desire to understand and heal from persistent anxiety, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that had plagued him since his youth.

A self-described highly sensitive person and empath, with the help of numerous mentors and guides, Michael learned to and continues to explore the gift of sensitivity to deepen an understanding of self and arrive at a place of greater integrity and wholeness. His mission is to help others to do the same.

In addition to guidance by healer and mentor Jacob Kiakahi, Michael’s work is influenced greatly by his training and education as an actor with teachers Sea Glassman, Anthony Bova, Raye Birk, Eric Morris, and Tina Zaremba whose methods have helped cultivate a deeper and more authentic understanding of one’s mental, emotional and spiritual landscape. Through earnest study and application of principles found in “A Course in Miracles”, the psycho-spiritual teachings of David Hoffmeister, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Marriane Williamson and others, and close relationship with mentors like Dr. Michael Obsatz, Michael has developed a keen intuition, unique life experience, and varied set of tools that enable him to effectively help others on their healing journey.

Michael brings a broad range of experience to his work including a background in entrepreneurship, operations management, web development, graphic design, theatre, independent film, and voice acting. When not seeing clients or performing in his voiceover booth, Michael enjoys yoga, weightlifting, cycling, bouldering, spiritual study and self-inquiry, personal development, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, travel, and spending time with friends and family. 

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