Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


Are you curious about launching your own business, or want to up-level your existing venture? Join Michael for a Free 5-Day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp designed specifically for Highly Sensitive People

This bootcamp will include a combination of live daily calls (that will be recorded), plus daily homework and connection with other members.  Sessions will cover Mindset Coaching, navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey, tapping into the Felt Sense for Guidance, as well as practical concepts like Business Planning, Online Marketing, and more. It will be an exciting opportunity to bring more of your vision to life while receiving support from the Kindreds community.

This bootcamp is open to people with all levels of experience.

You’ve received this early invitation because you are already a part of the Kindreds community. Your responses below will help shape the format and curriculum for this upcoming series.  If you don’t have answers to all of the questions, that is okay. Just respond to the best of your ability.

Bootcamp Dates: June 17th – 21st

Next Steps:Thank you for your interest! Once the dates are set, you'll be invited to the new Entrepreneurship Bootcamp space within the Kindreds community.