Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

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Are you curious about launching your own business, or want to up-level your existing venture? Join Michael Schwengel for a 5-Day Entrepreneurship Bootcamp designed specifically for Highly Sensitive People

With a special cohort of highly sensitive folks from around the world we spend 12 hours over the course of a week talking about:

  • ❤️ Purpose: uncovering your mission, your WHY, plus a special visioning exercise to look at any question from the perspective of your higher self.
  • 👨🏻 Identity: are you operating from fear vs. love, what identity are you bringing to your life and business, and the power of using an Alter Ego to tap into your true potential.
  • 🔮 Vision: get acquainted with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and put your long-term vision and short-term priorities down on paper.
  • 💰 Value: understand your target market by creating a hyper-specific Customer Avatar, and learn about Value Proposition Design to create products and services that people really want.
  • ⚙️ Traction: move your vision into reality with a collection of tools designed to break your big picture goals into manageable tasks with consistent action.

AND – all of this in context of the emotional intelligence framework laid out in Unlocking the Wisdom of the Felt Sense.  This bootcamp is jam-packed with everything you need to lay a heart-centered foundation for your next entrepreneurial endeavor.