Unlocking the Wisdom
of the Felt Sense
Learn to access the intelligence within your body anytime with this immersive online course.

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Explore the power of Focusing from the comfort of your home.

Focusing, developed by renowned psychologist Eugene Gendlin, is a tool that allows us to find and change where life is stuck. It encourages us to live from a deeper place than just our thoughts and feelings.  By practicing the Six Movements of Focusing you’ll discover how to bring more clarity and ease to your life by accessing the inherent wisdom within your body.

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15 Video Lessons


An introduction to the course and learning format.

The Inner Orchestra

Learn this helpful tool to take inventory of your inner world.

Focusing: A Tool for Changing Times

Why is this type of work so important for our singular and collective lives?

My Story

I share with you some of my own story and how I came into this path.


Up Next

A brief transition to start exploring Focusing.

Meet Dr. Eugene Gendlin​

Get to know the man behind Focusing and how this work came to be.

Intro to Focusing

Getting acquainted with the process.

The Felt Sense

Learn about the Felt Sense (or intuition) and how it shows up in our lives.

The Body Shift

The signature signal to know when Focusing is producing a change.

The Six Steps of Focusing

Learn the six steps one-by-one.

Guided Focusing

Close your eyes as I guide you through the process.


Focusing with Gini

Focusing with Andrew


Community & Group Coaching Call

An invitation to join the Kindreds Community and get access to your live Group Coaching call.

Recap & Closing

Watch Focusing Unfold

I sit down with two volunteers inside the filmed course to show you the process of Focusing, up close and personal.

Live Group Coaching Call

You’ll also get access to a free Live Group Coaching call where I will answer questions and guide volunteers through the process of Focusing.


From Live Workshop Attendees

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Michael Schwengel

Michael is a mindfulness coach and healer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His interest in the healing arts began in his early 20’s with an earnest desire to understand and heal from persistent anxiety, physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that had plagued him since his youth.

A self-described highly sensitive person and empath, with the help of numerous mentors and guides, Michael learned to and continues to explore the gift of sensitivity to deepen an understanding of self and arrive at a place of greater integrity and wholeness. His mission is to help others to do the same.

In addition to guidance by healer and mentor Jacob Kiakahi, Michael’s work is influenced greatly by his training and education as an actor with teachers Sea Glassman, Anthony Bova, Raye Birk, Eric Morrison, and Tina Zaremba whose methods have helped cultivate a deeper and more authentic understanding of one’s mental, emotional and spiritual landscape. Through earnest study and application of principles found in “A Course in Miracles”, the psycho-spiritual teachings of David Hoffmeister, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Marriane Williamson and others, and close relationship with mentors like Dr. Michael Obsatz, Michael has developed a keen intuition, unique life experience, and varied set of tools that enable him to effectively help others on their healing journey.

Michael brings a broad range of experience to his work including a background in entrepreneurship, operations management, web development, graphic design, theatre, independent film, and voice acting. When not seeing clients or performing in his voiceover booth, Michael enjoys yoga, weightlifting, cycling, bouldering, spiritual study and self-inquiry, personal development, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, travel, and spending time with friends and family. 

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